Dienstag, Februar 14


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While working at the Guggenheim I saw a sign posting an upcoming Works and Process Series. It was a preview for the current show Grey Gardens, A New Musical. I became super hyper excited at the possibility of getting to see this in that I'm away during the run of the show. I'll categorize Grey Gardens as one of my top 15 films.
I landed a seat near the back and got comfortable when the man next to me asked if I had seen the film. Of course was my answer followed by how big a fan I was...
He then replied, pointing next to him" Well this is Jerry, from the film!"
Next to him was sitting Jerry, THE MARBLE FAUN! Here he was, in my midst, extending his hand to mine. I really didn't know what to say except hello and that I didn't really know what to say. And that it was a major pleasure to meet him.
Prior to the performance, Jerry, Wayne and I talked about living with the Beales, the house getting hosed down *when the health department came in), their recent visit to the house, and little Edie's cabaret performance post Grey Garden's.
The Marble Faun lives in Queens and has been a cab driver for some time. He mentioned an upcoming GG DVD with extended footage and how Mr Maysles was sending him some cut footage as well. He even invited me over to come see it.
I mention all this because I finally emailed Jerry. And I received a really warm and fantastic email back from him. The Marble Faun exudes warmth and kindness. I think I can go so far as saying that The Marble Faun is a new friend of mine. Meeting Jerry is easily the best celebrity experience I've had in NY. And I definitely let him know this.
About the musical, I feel really mixed. Act 1 is set in the 40's. Much of the scenes foreshadow the future (the era of the film) amidst the backdrop of Little Edie's engagement to Joe Kennedy. It felt like it could be any musical to me with Grey Gardens hints here and there.
Act 2 redeems the whole enterprise and is the sole reason to go. In act 2 Christine Ebersole does such fantastic rendition of Little Edie, with the outfit and mannerisms done to near perfection. Whoever is playing Big Eide wasn't there, but Jerry says she is reallyy wonderful. And the songs, like The Revolutionary Outfit, gave me serious chills. This was all a preview though. It costs 65 dollars.
But did I mention that I met The Marble Faun?