Sonntag, Februar 19


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There are 2 Norwegian acts that I wanted to see while in Norway. They were both presented to me in one Trondheim weekend.
Serena Maneesh played Friday at a local student entertainment megaplex. Their music and performance is a successful 3 guitar hybrid of great things like My Bloody Valentine, an appeal for tambourines, reverb, feedback, silk scarf headband, leather jacket on during whole performance, not being obvious and predictable, a difficult to produce live studio sound, Nico look alike bass player, great energy, and a short set. I’ve always been a fan of short sets.
Annie, or DJ Annie, was playing a post midnight set in a subterranean bar. My admiration for Annie only grows after watching and listening to her DJ. Her set was stellar and consistent (mostly tracks on from her DJ-KICKS release). An amazing sound system inside a weird cave stand in the corner listen to Alan Vega’s Jukebox Babe, drink beer talk to a few people but doesn’t even matter because I could be anywhere and nowhere at once. Crowded streets at 3:30 am with all bars closing at once and the sidewalks are like walking on massive moon ice cube.