Donnerstag, Juni 15

But my all time favorite films distributed by Something Weird are those of K. Gordon Murray. From the web site:
K. Gordon Murray was a Florida-based producer and distributor of low-budget motion pictures. From the late 1950's through the mid 1970's, Murray released at least 66 films, which can be broken down into three categories:
1. Murray imported, redubbed and released some 30 horror films from Mexico.
2.Murray released over 20 fairy tale films to a "Weekends Only" matinee audience, virtually creating the highly lucrative "Kiddie Matinee" marketing niche. These films were either redubbed imports, rereleases of older films, or original productions.
3. Murray released about a dozen exploitation films, risque adult dramas designed both for drive-ins and adults-only grindhouses. These included imported foreign films and original productions.
I’ve only seen a few of the Mexican horror films and none of the risqué adult drams. The real treasures lie in the Children’s films or The Kiddee Matinee films. Some of the films, like Puss in Boots, seem like a European version of a
Krofft Brothers episode. The real standout of the Murray films is Santa Claus. Produced, directed, and narrated by Murray, the film is a struggle between a devil named Pitch (dispatched by The Devil) and Santa. Santa Claus is often characterized and is Murray’s crowning achievment. Many of Santa’s magical powers come through the aid of the Wizard Merlin. A wonderful, extensive essay on the film is located HERE, but I’d recommend seeing it first.