Dienstag, August 15

I have been listening to the intimate beauty contained in the songs of Joe and Guin Miller. According to the San Francisco Theosophy website:
"Joe and Guin Miller were great American sages. Working together from the 1960s to the 1990s, they inspired thousands of people throughout the world. With their music, walks in the park, evenings at the SFTS and their deeply compassionate, one-on-one friendship, they touched many lives and offered a powerful example of the unconditional love and simple awareness that operates at the heart of all the world's great mystical traditions."
and from Dervish Healing Order:
"Joe Miler was an authentic American Mystic who taught in many ways, the most famous being the thursday morning walks through Golden Gate Park. Joe never charged for anything. On the contrary, he treated everyone to ice cream at the Ocean Safeway near the beach"
The songs and videos of the Millers can be found HERE.