Mittwoch, November 15


I’m very grateful that I found an exit strategy and got out of Central Florida. Simply put, I desired something more than the beaches, swamps, and strip malls of Central Florida could provide. Centered in a state of hyper polarity, the region doesn’t offer much in the way of options or potentialities. Yet, Florida is quite beautiful, from top to bottom.
While I’m friends with practically no one who stuck around the area, I still think of certain people from time to time. While doing semi-related research yesterday, I came across the Florida Department of Corrections website. The site has a database which contains public record information on felony offenders sentenced to the Department of Corrections. Additionally the site provides photos of inmates. I started punching in names of teen friends,acquaintances, and schoolmates. I came up with the results below.
Most of these people I haven't seen since I was 16 years old, or younger. Given the Sunshine State's prominence as a drug port, the police and courts are heavy handed on controlled substance violations. Florida's prison system (and many others) is largely populated by drug offenders. Florida's public records, especially arrest records, are always kept very accessible for some reason. While these photos and information (which includes arrest records, tattoos, weight, height and home address) are public, I chose to black bar the eyes.

If you type my name, this is the individual that appears.

I don't know if I'll ever see as severe of a reaction punch as I saw this guy deliver. From across a room I saw someone assault him. In a reflexive motion, he delivered a 1-2 punch to the dude's eye and dropped him to the ground. His reaction was so machine like, almost void of emotion or anger, just a complete return of energy. Always a really nice and mannerly fellow.

Always Mellow.

Total Damage.

In immediate response to his bullying me at a church fair, I threw the contents of my coca cola in his face and ran off. He found me later in the night and returned the gesture. Carbonated liquid forcibly entered my nostrils. He drew to punch me, but then didn't.

Once a tight bro who I met in Cub Scouts.

This guy was part of the jock crew in junior high. His crew was seen as a total nemesis. One time when we walked down the hall near each other, I watched his body stiffen with rage as he told me to get away from him. He went on to kill his newly estranged girlfriend. He is set to be released in a few days.

At the previous mentioned church fair, I ran into this guy. He was wearing an orange Family Man/Black Flag shirt which totally ruled at the time, and still does. He took me and my friend to see Rocky Horror that night and it was the latest I had ever stayed out. Later he would give me rides to High School in his 80's black mustang with red racing stripes. One time I was sitting on the back of his car drunk and crying alone and he came up and punched me in the face.

We went together to see the film Ghandi when it came out in theatres.