Freitag, Februar 9

Discussions this week led the eye orb and connected brain.

While working with the database known as Chris K, I asked him about his Official Myspace page yet he wasn’t familiar with it. (HERE is a great video of Chris dancing on the street from EL III).

CK discussed his New York interactions with Moondog,

and mentioned that an Austraillan record label he was working with is going to finally re-issue a record of Brother Theodore’s work. HERE is a wonderful video of late Brother Theodore (which may be a part of a soon to be released documentary).



Brother Theodore reminded me of Jim Roche. While Roche was a faculty member during my time at Florida State, he was on sabattical the entire time. In 1982 the Morgan Art Gallery in Kansas produced an LP of Roche’s sound recordings. The LP, Learning to Count, consist enitirely of Roche’s unaccompanied voice channeling a multitude of personalities found in the South. According to the words of someone else, “In the 1970s, Jim Roche, a performance artist from the deep South, made his way into the New York artworld and began doing pieces in galleries where he'd go into a trance-like state and channel redneck characters from his home turf”. Roche,in addition to being included in a 70"s Whitney Biennial, made cameos in several of his friend Jonathan Demme's films, including Something Wild, Married to the Mob, Philadelphia,and Silence of the Lambs.


Computer God Parroting Puppet Gangster Slaves

Then there is the work of Francis P Dec. In 1985 L.A. talk show host "Doc on the ROQ” made voice recordings of the written rants sent in by Francis E. Dec Esq., of 29 Maple Ave, Hempstead, New York.



I finally looked at the excellent website of Wendy Carlos, whom I’ve been a big fan of, but knew little about. There is a lot to know.