Sonntag, April 1

____ IS REAL , REAL IS ____

Any energy thrown forth in one direction tends, when the force is spent, to flow back in the opposite direction, as in the swing of a pendulum or a stone that is thrown up; and as each impression is stamped with the quality of its creator, the law of affinity tends to bring it back to him. Karma is the adjuster of disturbed equilibrium; it may even be said that what we call an act is only half an act; the whole act includes the reaction as well. But the deed and its reaction may be separated by long intervals, so that we fail to trace the connection. The two may even be separated by the gap of physical death, so that the causes set in motion in one incarnation will not yield their results until a later incarnation. But the astral light provides for this, for it is the great storehouse of nature and can preserve impressions indefinitely.

Active Principles Pre Eminent


Equilibrating Principle Pre Eminent

Love, without desire to possess, knowing well that in the ultimate sense there is no possession and no possessor : this is the highest love.
Love, without speaking and thinking of "I" , knowing well that this so called "I" , is a mere delusion.
Love, embracing all beings, knowing well that we all are fellow wayfarers through this round of existence...