Samstag, Juli 7


On July 14th, 2007, a day that welcomes a new moon and commemorates the storming of the Bastille, Blank & Noiry will present their 4th live performance. This show will present all new material influenced by the numeral and cycle of 4 as found in the Tetragrammaton and subsequent cycles of emanation. Yet, on the surface this show will be a presentation of Torch songs and dance movements.

Our show is part of a curated series that Soiled Mattress and the Springs are presenting at the Cake Shop. In addition to our sets, there will be performances by Soiled Mattress and the Springs, Nodzzz, Russian Tsarcasm, Kites and Fat Worm of Error. The night will begin with films by Leif Goldberg and Brian Degraw.

The doors open at 8pm.

The cover charge is $6

The Cake Shop is located at 152 Ludlow Street between Stanton and Rivington.

I imagine we will take the stage near 10pm.

It would be great to see you.

Yours truly,