Dienstag, März 28


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David Sanderson is a wonderful man who lives above a Bushwick pizza franchise that serves bacon-chicken-ranch pizza. Sanderson is one of the few friends I have from the Space Coast. David has played energetic bass guitar in a number of spirited bands, most significantly Cream Abdul Babar. David has an identical twin brother named Tradd . The twins collectively experienced repressed memory dissonance regarding their interactions with me. They believed I had bullied them when they were younger. I never bullied them. Yet one time I was within a 50-foot radius of such bullying that they may or may not have received. Fortunately for David and I our Space Coast days are behind us.
I am immensely grateful to David for setting up my website. He was able to expertly execute the visions I had in my brain. I respectfully bid you to witness my web representation and thank you David Sanderson.