Samstag, Februar 25

7 Colors and 7 Sacraments

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One of the highlights of my schooling at San Francisco State was my encounter with Linda Montano. Linda was there for a weekend as a visiting artist. In her introductory talk she totally lost it in a way that blew my mind. While speaking about her life, she mentioned how she was dealing with the concept of death. Whenever she would mention the word death she would say it with a pronounced gagging. Her peculiar emphasis on the word death continued until her speech suddenly became totally unhinged. Linda went into an intense speech spasm and spoke a convulsive tongue. After a short barrage that electrified the room, she gained complete control and said, “Now It’s your turn”.
Amongst her amazing early performance work, Linda dedicated life to her art in a concentrated manner. She spent 14 years as living art, devoting a year to the 7 colors of the 7 chakras. Her work is well documented on her website .
The last book I was able to add to my travel library was Practical Color Magick by Ray Buckland. It is a wonderful little book full of methods to produce change (magick) through the subtle yet accessible forces of nature. “You can use the power of color to bring success, love and spiritual fulfillment to your life.” The book contains some great experiments, many of which I’ve performed in the studio (with fantastic results!) and many left to be unveiled.
The color magick introduced to me in Buckland’s book had a lot of correspondences to Linda’s work. I had previous e-mail communications with Linda over the summer. I’d initially written to her to say hello and get her informed opinion on a personal inquiry. I had been pondering the possibilities of a room (specifically a room in a gallery) that could generate energy. I thought about energy vibration through color and through actions taking place within the room to charge it. I’m still running this over in my brain.
In those previous correspondences Linda told me she did believe a room could be made to generate energy and mentioned Yves Klein doing Judo in an empty room and allowing people to enter afterwards.
I recently emailed Linda to say hello and talk about my recent research. Linda wrote back to tell me that since becoming a practicing Roman Catholic, everything had changed and that she was now doing really conservative art. Much of her full embracement of Roman Catholicism is detailed in her recent book Letters from Linda, and also is mentioned on her website.
The idea of Linda embracing Roman Catholicism made me think about the Gospel of Thomas. I had been meaning to read it and finally did. The G of T is a collection of 114 sayings attributed to Jesus. Some of the sayings resemble those found in the Four Canonical Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) whereas other sayings run directly counter to the message of the 4 Gospels. Being Heretical and an emphasis on individual spirituality apart from the church are two of the many potential reasons why the G of T wasn’t included.
My favorite verse turned out to be verse 36, which states:
Jesus said, "Don't fret, from morning to evening and from evening to morning, about what you're going to wear.”